Monday, 19 January 2015

Lovely ways to experiment with gold

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There is nothing quite like the sheen and beauty of clean, polished gold that shines like the sun.
There are so many lovely ways to wear gold as jewellery. People have been doing it for centuries and as you can imagine, all of the countries and cultures all over the world for the last few thousand years have come up with some stunning and very varied ways to style themselves with gold jewellery. To know more about gold buyers uk kindly visit
This guest blog post will talk about how to enhance your personal style by wearing beautiful gold jewellery.
Here are some ideas:
• Go simple: How about wearing a classic outfit like a crisp white shirt and some classic Levis and adding a simple but shiny gold locket to your look? This can be very effective and looks amazing!
• Try to stand out: Alternatively, you go the other way and buy a piece of gold jewellery that stands out from and enhances the rest of your outfit. For example, a gold bracelet can totally transform even the simplest outfit into a stylish creation. You can also Sell your gold using
• Go wild: Why not experiment completely and wear gold pieces that you would never normally put with certain outfits? Fashion is all about experimentation and finding the very best look for you, not following the herd. Why not try a long gold necklace with a simple black dress or cape to shake things up a little?
Alternatively, if you get a little fed up with your jewellery, why not consider selling it to a reputable gold buyerfor cash? This will enable you to get money to experiment with fashion even more. is an excellent gold buyer, and offers its customers a quick, vibrant and personalised service. Why not head over to and see how they can help you make your dreams come true?
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